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"It happens so fast. A quick blow during the game leaves the athlete reeling in pain. Most often, these types of sports injuries don't go away, they get worse with time if left untreated. Chiropractic treatments offer the opportunity to heal an injury, through correcting the imbalances that may have caused it to begin with."

-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Treatment for Sports Injuries in Manhattan, New York City

Achieving Chiropractic relief from sports injuries has a mainstream history going back more than twenty-five years. With the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, the American team first engaged a chiropractic doctor on the team of sports medicine. From that time on, both professional and amateur level athletes have turned repeatedly to chiropractic techniques, since these do not involve medicines or other drugs, as their first choice in treating and improving injuries which prove to be sports related.

A sports injury will almost always cause the spinal column to become misaligned. It only requires a hit to the torso, shoulder, head, feet, legs, or ribs to radiate on up or down to the body's center. This is why chiropractic examinations become important when a person is injured, whatever the injury's nature is. A Sports Injury Chiropractor is often necessary, alongside medical treatments, when these types of medical treatments are required.

The reason for this is simple. Should an injury be so severe as to require injury treatment and care, then the spine will practically always receive damage to one degree or another. Besides this fact, the truth is that medical doctors are just not properly trained to find and fix spinal subluxations. This is the domain of the chiropractic doctor.
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Sports Injury Treatment NYC - Dr. Louis Granirer Holistic Chiropractor

Chiropractic Sport Injury Treatments

Chiropractic treatment turns out to be optimal for sports related injuries. Chiropractors are generally able to attain faster and more thorough results since many of them now focus on biomechanics. This is many times the underlying cause of such injuries.

Dysfunction of the spine leads to discomfort, pain, and even a problem in mobility which may prove to be hard to live with. Solid chiropractic treatment works with a variety of proven techniques and methods to improve the athlete's condition.
In my experience of treating sports injuries, I have many athletic patients who have found that in only three weeks time, their pain is totally gone. In only five weeks time, that they were capable of playing sports once again. Most importantly for them, they were able to participate at a full one hundred percent level of play and performance.

This matters to major athletes the world over. So many of them have suffered severe injuries while participating in sports. Many of these types of severe injuries have even been broadcast on television as they happened, in horrifying real time footage.

Superstar football quarter back Joe Montana said it well when he declared, "I only wish I had tried chiropractic care a few years ago when I first started having back pain, and maybe this surgery would never have happened."

Peak performance is another area where chiropractors can be of great assistance to the athletes and their trainers. Helping athletes to stay in the game, healthy, and at their optimal level of performance matters. Well rounded knowledge of not only the body's bio-mechanics, but also nutrition and how it impacts the mechanism of the body, is essential for this.

World heavy weight boxing champion Evander Holyfield summed up what many of the world's best known and performing athletes have all understood with, "I found that going to a chiropractor helps my performance. Once I drove 20 miles to see a chiropractor before a fight. I have to have my adjustment before I go into the ring."

Without a proper diagnosis, it would impossible for me to recommend a therapy and course of treatment from your injury.  I started the Holistic Chiropractic Center based on providing you with highly personalized care and treatment, for the entire duration of your therapy.  I specialize in the following chiropractic treatments, which may be individual or used in combination to provide easy and convenient solutions for your pain:
  • Flexion Distraction, which is a process that carefully realigns and adjusts the spine over a period of time.
  • Muscle Testing, which is a holistic approach to the physical diagnosis of the strengths and weakness of the muscles in the area related to pinched nerves.
  • Applied Kinesiology, which in relation to muscle testing, is treatment that targets improved movement of the head and shoulders.
  • Nutrition Response Testing may be used to help heal the body from within. It is a healing and preventative treatment that contributes to improving overall wellness by properly fueling the organs in your body.
Such various and sundry techniques and procedures are both successful and completely safe alternatives to back surgeries, which are both risky and potentially even dangerous for the athlete concerned. The patients will commonly find relief from their pain, without having to fall back on powerful medications, both swiftly and without difficulty. For those who have suffered from terrible back pain as a result of a sports related injury, there is often not any obvious hope for a full, or even sometimes partial, recovery anywhere in sight.
Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Pain Relief from Sports Injuries

Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Pain Relief from Sports Injuries

I believe my experience and proven track record of success in healing all kinds of injuries is a valid and effective remedy to reduce and eliminate your discomfort. I sincerely hope you will contact me and take advantage of my free consultation.  We both share the same goal for your pain and your overall wellness.

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