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-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Holistic Chiropractic Center Testimonials from Patients in Manhattan, New York City

"I’ve been meaning to get in touch to let you know I was a champ hiking in Patagonia. Zero issues with my knee or back. I was in great shape with no pain thanks to you. I can not thank you enough. I could not have done it without you. I am going to make an appointment in the next week just for a little check in/adjustment but in the meantime I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! See you soon."
-Stacie, NYC

"Dear Louis, After yesterdays session, as the evening progressed, I noticed my lower back pain was gone! This is the first time that I have observed immediate relief from your treatment.  THANK YOU!"
-Gordon J.

"Hi Dr. Lou! Sending you a quick email to let you know that this is like a miracle!  After 30+ years of excruciating, almost unbearable, cluster headaches which begin every December and last 30 days, I have not had them this year. You are my 'Secret Santa' and I am truly grateful to you and to Cynthia for steering me to you. Have a wonderful holiday and I will see you when I return to NYC, mid-January. Thank you so very much."
-C.O., NYC

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! You have helped me so much over the last (almost) two years! It feels dramatic to say you saved my life, but the fact is I felt so desperate and at my physical/emotional wits end when I came to see you. I would not be able to take this upcoming trip without your help. I would not be able to sustain my relationships. I am so grateful for all you have done for my physical and emotional health!"
-Amy A. Brooklyn, NY

"I came to Dr. Granirer both Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis. I had seen several (5) dermatologists for these issues and was told there is little I can do except to take long courses of low dose antibiotics as well as applying various lotions and steroidal creams to control it. I did the nutritional testing with Dr. Granirer. He quickly identified foods that were inflammatory for me. He also helped clear some metals and rebalance my intestinal system with supplements and herbal remedies. Soon, my skin cleared naturally. I have not had any severe outbreaks (i.e., face covered in red, burning, bumpy acne like pustules) since being treated by Dr. Granirer. I don't even get minor outbreaks anymore unless I indulge in some of the foods which Dr. G identified as being inflammatory for my body. If I stay away, I am clear!  It feels like a miracle. I am extremely relieved as dealing with these conditions can be stressful. I am very grateful to have concrete answers to what are otherwise considered chronic skin conditions. And I would recommend anyone with a skin condition meet Dr. Granirer as he really saved my skin and my sanity! Thank you, Dr. G!
-Alexis Q, NYC

"I first saw Dr. Granirer this past Spring in 2013. I had suspected that I had candida and parasites.  My symptoms were mostly digestion-related. No matter how healthy I ate (and I'm a holistic nutrition coach, so I know my health food), I had constant irritable bloating and gas. I also had extremely low energy. It felt like I was moving through mud everyday upon rising. Dr. Granirer confirmed my ailments, tested me for food intolerances, and put me on his (very manageable) dietary and herbal protocol. In about three months time, I was feeling like a brand-new woman! Not only had digestion and energy improved greatly, but the most significant difference was how I felt emotionally - much lighter and happier. I am so grateful to 'Dr. Lou' for his treatment. Worth every penny! He is truly a unique healer, and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

-Michelle M., NYC

"I haven't yet expressed to you my gratitude for what you've done so far to bring me back to a healthy state.  I truly do thank you.  It took me over a year to seek out someone to help me with the health problems I've been having, but when I did, you were the obvious choice.  I knew you would be able to help me, but I didn't know how much I would respect you for the work that you do, for your amazing sensitivity, and for your ability to hear the issue behind the words. Thank you for your guidance.  These chronic health issues had begun to erode my confidence in my own ability to take care of myself.  I will promote you without hesitation to anyone within earshot.  Whenever I come across someone in need of your treatments, I will definitely send them your way (if they seem receptive).  You are doing beautiful work...very much needed, and very much appreciated!"

-M.P., New York City

"20 years ago, I became sick and never recovered. I came to Dr.  Granirer after finding him on line. He helped me to get to the next level of my healing journey, and he is truly a gifted person.  As I write this, I remember how I felt when I first came to his office, starting a new job and just wanting to feel good! He helped me get some energy back, kill parasites I was never able to get rid of, and basically taught me how to keep it simple. I also got off dairy for the first time which helped my body heal. I can’t say enough about him, and was very lucky I found him when I did."
-Danielle N. New York City

"I was referred to Dr. Granirer by a fantastic doctor in Boulder, CO and upon meeting Dr. Granirer could see immediately why he was so highly recommended.  He has a deep understanding of the body and is a master at both the chiropractic and nutrition aspects of his practice.  I had been having chest pain for nine months and had recently been diagnosed as having costochondritis, which doctors said could only be treated with anti-inflammatories and not cured.  Dr. Granirer worked on the problem from both a nutritional and a structural angle and after one month, the pain was completely gone and has not returned in the three months since.  I have always had a horrible immune system and would get sick when the wind blew.  I have heard many reasons as to why it was so bad and tried all the immune-boosters available.  Dr. Granirer, through muscle testing, found the root of the problem and after a cleanse (or two) I haven't gotten sick at all, even with the seasons changing. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Granirer.  He is a genius at what he does and is a wonderful, kind person.  I am truly grateful to him for helping me be the healthiest person I can be!"
-Ilana, Manhattan

"Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches. For 10 straight years I dreaded the Fall & Winter as it meant anywhere from 6-10 weeks of excruciating pain that completely disrupted my life. I went to doctor after doctor and tried about every medicine on the market with no success. About a year ago I heard about Dr Granirer from a friend. After meeting with Dr Granirer and participating in the NRT testing,  he quickly altered my diet and placed me on a variety of supplements. He believed that specific foods were the main source of my headaches. I was certainly willing to try anything after 10 years of failure and pain. While the first few months of the diet change were a challenge, it was incredibly worth it. I write this testimonial, a year later, headache free for the first time in over 10 years and no longer dreading the change in season! Thank you Dr Granirer!"
-Matt M., New Jersey

"I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Dr Granirer's website last summer while i was looking for someone to treat which I thought was a recurrence of candida ( which I had 12 years ago). I made an appointment and to my surprise, I didn't test for candida but the Protozoa vial muscle tested positive. At same time, I learned he also helps people with insomnia which I was having severe issues with. 10 weeks of supplements and the Protozoa vial didn't test anymore and he also recommended that I do neuroemotional technique as well. I have had sleep problems for three years and it worsened to the point I was having insomnia three nights per week.  I just passed through seven straight weeks with only one night of insomnia-YEAH!!!!!!!!!  My energy level is coming back to what it was years ago!! My digestive system seems better than its been in 20 years!!!! Lastly, I have found Dr Granirer to be extremely sincere and completely dedicated to his patients and practice."
-T.G., NYC

"Only about 30 minutes after I took the first of the supplements did the stomach burning go away and has not come back. I feel so much better and was even able to nap on my back when I went home. AMAZING! Thank you so much for you help."
-Steve, NYC

"When I found out I had a candida overgrowth, I wanted to do something about it. A friend recommended Dr. Granirer. At my first visit, I was skeptical. I'd heard horror stories about people spending years trying to get rid of candida. It was hard to believe that I could be clear in just 21 days. I did exactly as Dr. Granirer said. Within a week of following his protocol, I noticed a marked change in the way I felt. Prior to treatment, I hadn't even realized how much candida overgrowth was negatively impacting my health and quality of life. Now, I am able to think with greater clarity. I need less sleep to feel rested. My digestion and PMS symptoms have dramatically improved. I feel less stressed and anxious overall, and better able to cope with life's challenges. My dry itchy scalp and mild adult acne have both cleared completely. I am so grateful to have access to Nutritional Response Testing and Dr. Granirer's expertise. I never thought I would feel this good."

-Rachel F., NYC

"I found Dr. Granirer on the internet.  I was desperate to find a cure for my toxic overload and when I saw that he had suffered the same I decided to set up an appointment.  I had tried to cure my mercury and lead overload for almost 3 yrs and nothing was working.  I developed an auto-immune condition and didn't think I would ever get my life back.  When I came to Dr. Granirer he told me that if I didn't feel markedly better in 2-3 months that this protocol wasn't for me.  How could I not try it?  Within 3 months I was cleared of all toxic overload!  I came off the heavy duty drugs I was taking from another doctor and now, 9 months in, I continue to feel better and better.  My brain fog is gone, my energy is back, I gained the weight back that I needed to look healthy and not like a stick figure.  And I'm happy again."
-Erin K, NYC

"After seeing different chiropractors for years to treat my sore neck, shoulders, and back, I was lucky to be referred to Dr. Granirer. He suspected that there was an underlying cause to my muscle pain, and sure enough, I had heavy metal buildup, food intolerances, and a sluggish endocrine system. Dr. Granirer got to the root of these problems and solved them - rather than masking them with drugs as so many doctors try to do. After a few months of treatment my neck and shoulders feel amazing, which no other chiropractor has been able to achieve. But that's not all. My chronic stomach problems have largely vanished. My energy level has shot up. I can work a full day without feeling any brain fog. And the latest surprise - my stumpy eyelashes have started growing! I never imagined that I could feel this healthy and happy. I now realize that lethargy and pain had affected every aspect of my life. As a result of my treatment, every aspect of my life has improved! I cannot recommend Dr. Granirer enough.
-Jocelyn K., NYC

"I came to the Holistic Chiropractic Center of New York after a friend insisted that I see him for general body aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, and low back. I had also been suffering from unexplained fatigue for four months. After three visits my pain started to decrease, and with the combination of the chiropractic adjustment, and Reiki. I felt more energy and overall much better. I went for treatment for about one month consistently, and my pain and fatigue is much much less and I feel great. Dr. Lou is truly a special healer that is a rare find!"  
-Greg P.

“I injured my right shoulder and was in a lot of pain for months. It would hurt to even shampoo my hair. I would stop working out/yoga/swimming  for weeks at a time, but it never felt better. I took a lot of Advil and tried massage and physical therapy, but it still hurt really badly. I went to Dr. Lou and he immediately found that two muscles (which I can’t pronounce) were in bad shape. He started to do really "intense" muscle work under my arm (which no one ever had gone to this area before). My shoulder felt better gradually over a couple of weeks. He put so much effort into my treatments that you could see it in his face when he works on you. My shoulder is out of pain and I can do yoga again. He is such a caring man, and I really appreciate his dedication to his work.”
-Samantha H.

"I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the quality and affect of your excellent care and how it has allowed me to not only sleep through the night with no discomfort, but also resume my very active lifestyle. When I first came to you, I had a bad neck pain, shoulder, and low back pain.  I could not only work out or run without injury, but I  seldom slept through the night without waking up in pain. I had been through physical therapy, seen 2 orthopedic doctors and taken countless pills and truly doubted that I would ever resume normal sports activities or sleep through the night. I have been amazed with the effects of your treatment, as the pain slowly dissipated, I was able to resume running, biking, weight lifting, all without pain and discomfort. I also appreciate your holistic health care and direction to consider structural integration and ChiroYoga, both of which have offered further relief."
-Terrence M.

"I am so happy to write this as I am feeling better than I ever have felt. Thanks to you, I have no more stomach pain and acid reflux.  All of my doctors told me I'd be taking nexium forever. I am extremely grateful for your recommendations and the Muscle Testing you did that figured all of this out. My insides feel like they are working again! I will be your best PR person and why not let people know about the wonders you do!"
-Ana W.

"I still think that you should perform your Muscle Testing tricks in a magic show. I don't understand it, but I do know that I have been feeling marvelous since starting the Nutritional Response Testing supplements. I think the last parasite just let go.  You have helped me more than you will ever know. I am less moody, more productive, not hungry all the time, and feel much better. You are the best!"
-Craig L.

"It is great to find a doctor that I fully trust with any of my problems. You fixed my herniated disc and it feels the best it has felt in years. So thank you, thank you for not only that, but the Standard Process Nutritional Supplements that I take now, have really helped me with fatigue, energy and my attitude. I feel like I have a reserve that I never had. I can take on so much more in my life and have the support to deal with things more than I ever have."
-Murray S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Granirer's for one year and his work has provided me with not only physical health, but improved mental and emotional well-being. I had neck pain for years that subsided with his treatment. He uncovered an emotional blockage and a thyroid deficiency that was contributing to my neck pain. When those issues were addressed and my physical body was treated my neck pain got better and has been consistently better for the first time in many years. I  recommend him with zeal and fervor!"
-Scott Jaffe

"There is no one I trust more than Dr. Lou Granirer with my back and health issues. I have been a patient of his  since the beginning of his practice. He has a huge thirst for knowledge and helping people. He is very intuitive and can sense things about my body that always amazes me. I think New York city would have happier and healthier people if everyone got to experience his work- that might not be possible, but maybe we can clone him!"
-Marc C.

"He spends time with you and is amazing with his treatments. Dr. Granirer is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr Lou is one of those health care practitioners that you don't really come across anymore. You feel like he actually cares about your wellbeing and is so knowledgeable in Holistic Nutritional Counseling, exercise, ChiroYoga and eastern philosophy. I came to see him with Severe low back pain and Sciatica, and he educated me thoroughly on my condition and everything he said about the pain changing and the healing process was accurate.

He also did Acupressure and some Reiki energy work on me, which made me feel so peaceful and really took me out of my body during the treatment. This guy is very connected to his healing and really is a true healer. I was better within 4 weeks of starting treatment with him and with other chiropractors it took a lot longer. He also showed me great stretches and did some stretches on me throughout  the treatments. I am no longer taking any pain medication and my quality of life is better than it has been in years."

-T.T, New York City

"Dr. Granirer is the the only NYC Chiropractor that I would trust referring my massage clients out to.  He is extremely knowledgeable, and he really customizes his work for each patient according to their specific needs.  Most chiropractors provide the same treatment for everyone.  Dr. Lou Granirer takes an integrative approach by combining different methods to achieve more effective results.  I highly recommend him."

-Edan Harari, LMT
Kinetic Massage Therapy

"I am fortunate to have been under treatment by Dr. Granirer for the last several years. When I reflect upon what makes him so unique it is clear that his remarkable diagnostic skill coupled with equally accurate treatment, so separates him from the "one size fits all" approach employed by many others in his field. For caring and superior treatment I am always confident in recommending "Dr. Lou" to all my friends!"
-Ken M.

"I had been suffering from extreme shoulder tension/pain for months.  After seeing a few chiropractors, I came to Dr. Lou. After one appointment, I experienced more relief than months of treatments by other chiropractors and physical therapists. His treatment is so thorough and intuitive.  Yesterday I had my second appointment and I feel years younger!"
-Alex E.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Lou since 2008. I started taking the Standard Process Nutritional Supplements to detoxify, eliminate metals and boost my immune system. Three years later, I've never felt better! My friends ask me my secret to youthfulness and good health. I tell them: Dr. Lou. "
-Beth, NYC

"I am beginning to think I shook the headache monkeys off my back- all three sinus, tension, and migraine. Thanks Dr. Lou!"
-Peter W. NYC

"The care and attention given by Dr Granirer and his team is excellent. I had been experiencing aches and pains in my shoulder and neck areas that never really went away. Dr Granirer adjusted my back but also gave me a cold laser treatment, which helped a lot. In addition, I also underwent the nutrition test and I have been observing the required diet and medications for almost a month now. The bloating and fatigue are gone and I have never felt better!"
-S.R., NYC

"I had been suffering with severe acid reflux nightly for eight months. Proton pumps did not help me, and I even had adverse reactions. I thought I could barely go on, having to sleep on a 30 degree angle with pillows against the headboard or sleeping on a recliner.  After 6 months of having acid reflux I was diagnosed with h pylori and was treated antibiotics for two torturous weeks. Suddenly, I read on the Internet about a singer cured of her three year acid reflux problem after being treated by Applied Kinesiology. Since I could not find one in my area, I looked up and read about Dr. Granirer and his work in applied kinesiology. I decided to take control of this disastrous health situation. I went down from Montreal to New York, and Dr. Granirer treated me for candida and acid reflux and whatever else I needed after the muscle testing. After taking his supplements, a few days later, I gradually stopped refluxing at night and my candida was gone after a three-week  treatment. My life is back and I owe it all the Dr. Granirer and his advanced knowledge of muscle testing. I pray that people suffering from acid reflux can read this and get some help, so they can have a normal healthy life like I do now. Thank you Dr. Granirer, for your knowledge and abilities to treat and diagnose my digestive problems, so I can go on too live the good life."
-Rhonda S., Montreal

"Dr. G was a godsend. I told Dr.G I had self-diagnosed candida, he looked horrified that I played doctor on myself! lol! But then he confirmed it. Laying on my back in his office I cried when he said he could help. I followed his directions with passionate discipline and I began feeling better right away. For the past 6 months I have felt great. I have greater ambition, motivation and clarity. I have no dietary restrictions save those I impose upon myself. My hair is stronger, my nails are stronger and I have had ZERO infections of any kind. My life changed when I made the commitment and I am so very, very humbled and thankful. I still take lots of supplements 2 and 3 times a day and I know they keep me well because when I don't take them I feel like crap!"
-Lisa P, NYC

"I had an intolerance to nightshades and colitis. Working with Dr. Granier seriously changed my life. The initial diet restrictions are a pain in the rear, but after you get through the initial uphill battle you will experience great relief. Dr. Granirer not only rid me of candida, but has also been helpful in other issues such as asthma control and a stuck ileosecal valve. I still have quite a way to go before I am fully healed, but the important thing is I am on the mend thanks to Dr. Granirer."
-Sabina, NYC

"It is Elaina, the Australian who walked off the street a couple of weeks ago and you took under your wing and treated!  Thank you!  You will be happy to know that my husband and I are still on the strict candida diet and are taking the medication religiously.  Thanks for your help!"
-Elaina Z., Australia
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