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Lower Cholesterol in NYC - Dr. Louis Granirer Holistic Chiropractor

Lower Cholesterol in NYC - Dr. Louis Granirer Holistic Chiropractor
"Cholesterol has become a bad word, so much so that it conjures up fear in many people of heart disease and health problems. Cholesterol and good fats are actually necessary for good health. There are many ways to lower cholesterol through food modification and nutritional supplementation."

-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Remedy to Lower Cholesterol  in Manhattan, New York City

Cholesterol is necessary to produce hormones, build cell membranes, produce vitamin D and bile acids that help you digest fat. Cholesterol is very necessary for proper neurological function and for your nervous system to complete many of the activities necessary for your body to function at its optimal level. Estrogen, testosterone, and cortisone are produced by cholesterol as are all the steroid hormones.

UVb rays from the sun interact with cholesterol on your skin to make vitamin D. If your cholesterol levels are too low, then the body doesn't have the ability to make vitamin D. Vitamin D actually is more hormone-like than vitamin-like, and is important for many bodily processes, including calcium regulation, a healthy immune system, etc.

Your total cholesterol consists of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), HDL (high-density lipoprotein), triglycerides, and lipoprotein. A true indicator of heart-disease risk is not the HDL to LDL ratio, which most people believe, but actually, your triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a dangerous fat and are increased by consuming grains and sugars. 

The accepted medical model is that triglycerides should be 150 or below. However, this number should ideally be below 90 or 100 for optimal health. There are many people with total cholesterol below 200 and have high triglycerides, and are actually much more unhealthy than someone with medically diagnosed high cholesterol, above 200 total but who have triglycerides 100 or below.

The body is an amazing organism constantly trying to achieve balance. 75 percent of cholesterol is produced in your liver. The liver produces more cholesterol when it is called on to do so by the body. Since, cholesterol is necessary to help heal and build cells, when there is too much inflammation in the body this is when the liver produces more cholesterol. So you can see that abnormally high-cholesterol levels can be the result of too much inflammation in the body. It's not the cholesterol that's the problem it's the inflammation. If you get to the root of why there is inflammation in the body, cholesterol levels will naturally balance.
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Natural Remedies to Lower Cholesterol 

High simple sugar and starch intake in the body produces inflammation. Foods such as white rice, breads, and white potatoes are some of these foods. If you have abnormally high cholesterol levels than stop eating these foods immediately. Within one month your cholesterol levels may drop significantly.

Saturated fats are not the enemy. Eggs, organic butter (if you don't have a food sensitivity), organic red meats (if a meat eater), olive oils, coconut oils, will not raise your cholesterol levels because they are good fats. 

Cholesterol levels are influenced more by sugar intake. It is no wonder so many people in the united states are at risk of heart disease because they consume so much sugar and grains. 
It has been proven time and time again that people who eat good fats, have low simple carbohydrate intake and eat vegetables, low starch intake, have less inflammation and naturally healthy cholesterol levels.

Medical doctors are quick to put people on drugs such as Lipitor, which lower cholesterol levels. This is a band-aid for an inflammatory problem in the body. Certain people actually require higher levels of cholesterol for their bodies to produce hormones and balance the nervous system. After being on these cholesterol-lowering drugs many men end up with low sex drive and the inability to achieve an erection. Since, cholesterol is the building block for testosterone, testosterone is necessary for proper sexual functioning.

They go back to their doctors and then get put on Viagra. Since, cholesterol is also necessary for the nervous system and brain to function properly, many people on cholesterol-lowering drugs end up with anxiety and depression because they deprive the brain of the cholesterol necessary to produce neurotransmitters. These are essential for mood. These people than get put on an anxiety or anti-depressive medication. It's a vicious cycle and is not an answer to true health!

There are amazing natural supplements that balance the body and cholesterol. Omega supplementation, red rice yeast, and guggul are some of the supplements that have been used to help balance cholesterol. Each individual requires different dietary modification and nutritional supplementation to balance cholesterol effectively.

Muscle testing is an effective way to determine what are the proper supplements to help with cholesterol balancing and to lower cholesterol in NYC.
Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Natural Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Natural Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

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