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"There are many causes for chronic headaches and migraines. Regardless of the headache type, the bottom line is that your body is in a heightened state of inflammation and out of balance. Nutritional muscle testing can identify the underlying imbalances in order to alleviate the pain."
-Dr. Louis Granirer
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The three main types of chronic headaches are tension, migraine, and cluster.
  • Tension is the most common, and is typically described as a band-like vice that creates pressure and pain uniformly around the head, and may involve the neck as well. Tension headaches can occur episodically or chronically.
  • Cluster headaches usually occur for a period of time throughout the year and than cease for a period of time. They are characterized by very severe pain usually on one side of the head. Symptoms can last from 15 minutes to three hours.
  • Chronic Migraines are characterized by a series of four phases that occur with some regularity but which do vary widely among sufferers: prodrome, aura, headache, and postdrome. Pain can last from two hours to three days.
The prodrome phase may include difficulty finding words and concentrating, fatigue, excessive yawning, mood changes, and frequency of urination. Only about 30 percent of sufferers experience the prodrome.

The aura can consist of hypersensitivity to touch, auditory hallucinations, sensitivity to light, decrease or loss of hearing, dizziness, vertigo, and parasthesia. About 30 percent of migraine sufferers experience the aura.

In the chronic headaches phase the pain is often unilateral but may switch to bilateral. It can be pulsating or throbbing, and worsened by physical activity. In the postdrome phase, some people describe the feeling as being hung-over. Their intellect is slowed down and is very low energy and mood.

Whatever headache type that you have been diagnosed with, the simple fact is that your body is in a heightened state of inflammation and out of balance. The body does not react with a headache if everything is working fine and in a state of balance.  Some of the many causes of headaches may be:
  • environmental pollutants and toxicity
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • chemical sensitivity
  • hormone imbalances
  • food sensitivities
  • yeast overgrowth
  • parasites
  • phenol sensitivity
  • dysbiosis
  • endotoxins and mycotoxins
  • structural problems such as  spinal and cranial bone misalignment
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Headache Remedies in NYC, New York City

Natural Remedy for Headaches and Migraines

In my many years of treating numerous chronic migraine and headache sufferers, I have achieved excellent results in helping people resolve their pain.

Some people were helped with chiropractic care alone, but the majority of my patients that have had a complete resolution of chronic headaches and chronic migraines were analyzed with nutritional muscle testing to determine their imbalances.

In many cases food sensitivities, organ and hormone imbalances, and immune challenges were identified as positive findings.
When a person’s system is overburdened their bodies are going to express themselves with a symptom. A chronic headache or chronic migraine may be one symptom in a cascade of problems that the body may be experiencing.

Nutritional muscle testing allows for the identification of underlying imbalances, which is the first step in helping headache sufferers. The second step is to get the patient off of the foods that are problematic for the patient. The third step is to identify the specific nutritional supplements that will help the body to function better, by eliminating immune challenges.

The nutritional muscle testing technique avoids the guessing game of what supplement to take. Every person has very different requirements in what their body requires to heal. There is no one size fits all when it comes to headaches, as headache sufferers may be helped with very different nutritional supplementation. Here is a recent case study on a cluster headache sufferer:

A Case Study - Relief from Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Mike was referred to me for his severe cluster headaches. He  was in his late thirties and developed cluster headaches eleven years ago. He had no major health issues before the headaches started and was at his wits end, ready to try anything to make the headaches stop.

For the last ten years Mike had cluster headaches anywhere from October through march. Sometimes they would start in October and sometimes later, but no later than December. He would take medication, but it seemed to only curb some of the symptoms. With cluster headache sufferers, it is very important to start treatment six months before the typical cluster time period would begin. This was perfect because it was march when he began treatment, giving us six to seven months before the headaches generally began. I decided that I would start Mike off with the nutrition response muscle testing analysis to detect any underlying toxicity, deficiencies, imbalances and food sensitivities.

Through my thorough testing, I discovered that he had many food sensitivities including solanines (night shades ... tomatoes, potatoes etc.), gluten, and caffeine. This was a patient that never experimented with food in any way. The great thing about Mike is that their was no struggle in him receiving this information, he just wanted to get better and would do whatever it took. I think the more severe the symptom, sometimes the easier it is for people to make lifestyle changes.

I also identified a sensitivity to certain chemicals, lymphatic drainage problems, and a gallbladder deficiency. In chinese medicine, the gallbladder and liver meridians are addressed frequently to treat headaches. Mike was put on about six supplements to balance and address all of the deficiencies that I identified through the testing.

Mike began chiropractic care with me as well. Structural misalignments can cause headaches. I started to adjust him once per week. I found that his occiput (base of the skull) was putting a lot of pressure on the nerves in the left occipto/atanto junction.

October came and went and Mike reported that he had zero headaches. Each month I would do a follow up visit with Mike to check his nutritional status. There were a couple of tweaks along the way. November, December, January, and February came and went and not one headache. Mike told me that his wife remarked to him, “Do you realize this new years was the first new years in ten years that you actually enjoyed yourself because you didn’t have a headache?”

It has been one full year and Mike has not had a single headache! Mike’s body was in a state of imbalance, when his body was given the right tools to function better his headaches ceased.
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