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"Some patients only need to be seen a handful of times. Others, with more chronic injuries, may need to be seen for 4-8 weeks, to fully get to the point where their issue has been corrected and won’t reoccur."

-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustment in Manhattan, New York City

It's funny how we view certain things in life as bad, but they lead us to something good.  I have often looked back at certain situations in my life, and have become quite grateful for situations that appeared "bad" at the time but ended up being the perfect thing for me.  It has made me realize that most things in life actually happen FOR us and not TO us.

When I was in college, I had a workout injury to my shoulder. The pain was horrible and kept me from participating in the activities that I love. I searched for answers to help my shoulder heal, but after many trips to medical doctors and cortisone shots I was left with the same pain and unable to proceed with my workouts.

I remember feeling sorry for myself and thinking it would never get better. A friend of mine recommended that I see his chiropractor, and I followed his advice. In just about a month after I started treatment with this chiropractor, I was back at the gym and pain-free.  If it wasn't for that shoulder injury, who knows if I would have had exposure to chiropractic care, and if I would be writing this today.

As a chiropractic patient myself, I have been getting adjustments regularly since chiropractic school, and I believe it enables my body to perform better, stay out of pain and function better.   There are so many benefits to regular chiropractic care that I would like to share some of these benefits and perhaps dispel some myths as well.
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Long-Term Health Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

The chiropractic adjustment releases endorphins, which are anti-anxiety, stress relieving, and pain reducing chemicals in the brain.  Most people report a lighter and an overwhelmingly calm feeling after the adjustment, because of the endorphins that are released.  The connection between the mind and body is clearly demonstrated with chiropractic care.

When the body has less tension, pain, and stress the mind is also eased.  The chiropractic adjustment strengthens the immune system.
Pero, a researcher at NYU, found that chiropractic patients had a 200 percent increased immune response. Life University also conducted a study in which they found that HIV positive patients had an increase in their immune cells, while undergoing chiropractic care.  A patient called the office the other day and asked John, if it was okay to come in to her appointment because she had a bad cold.  I insisted because I knew the adjustment would help her cold get better faster.

In a recent study out of the University of Chicago, chiropractic care to the upper cervical vertebrae was conclusively proven to lower blood pressure significantly. The effects were seen for up to eight weeks after a single adjustment. The adjustment causes vasodilation of the blood vessels and this is one reason why blood pressure is reduced. What a fantastic benefit without drugs that may have side effects!

In another recent study by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee, Chiropractic care was found to be the most effective treatment for low back pain. This study also took into account the cost benefit, and was noted to be the overall most affordable therapy producing long term benefits.
Chiropractic Adjustment in Manhattan NYC

Spine Adjustment Treatments

One myth I have heard is "once you go to the chiropractor they make you go back."  My goals of treatment are to get people out of pain and to achieve a proper functioning body.  In most situations a patient will be seen for 4 to 8 weeks to fully get to a point that there problem has been corrected and to ensure that it doesn't return. Many people need less care. It is very dependent on the particular problem.
I encourage some people to get a maintenance adjustment once per month if I feel that they will benefit. A maintenance adjustment is similar to a dental cleaning. As a dental cleaning hopefully prevents cavities, the maintenance adjustment will hopefully prevent degeneration of the spine, as shown over a long period of time in the picture just above. It takes a lot more energy to repair a spine problem than prevent it. It is important to keep the spine mobile and some people achieve this from yoga and wonderful self-care while others do not.  There is a direct correlation between stress levels, how well a person takes care of themselves outside of the office, and the frequency they need to see me or any other body worker.
Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Chiropractic Adjustments
Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for Chiropractic Adjustments
I believe my experience and proven track record of success in healing all kinds of severe and chronic back pain problems allows me the confidence to ensure your chiropractic spine adjustment keeps you feeling great, and contributes to your overall health and well-being.

I sincerely hope you will contact me and take advantage of my free consultation.  We both share the same goal for your pain and your overall wellness.Contact Dr. Louis Granirer today.

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