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Holistic Chiropractic Center of Manhattan New York City
Holistic Chiropractic Center of NYC
New York City Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer
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A Personal Welcome from Dr. Louis Granirer

In 1995 I suffered a severe weightlifting injury that ultimately changed my life. Conventional medical treatments, including medications and cortisone shots, did very little to provide any relief for the severe pain I was experiencing, and there did not appear to be any signs of recovery on the horizon.

I went to a chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend. Within just three weeks my pain was gone, and in five weeks I was able to play sports again.  I wasn't "just able to play," I was performing at a higher level than I was before.  I had no idea I would heal so well and so quickly. 
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"Dr. Granirer is one of the best NYC Chiropractors. After just 3 office visits, my pain decreased and I have much more energy. Dr. Lou is truly a special healer!”
-Greg Paige
New York City
Spine Expert - Spinal Adjustment Solutions

Dysfunctions of the spine cause pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility that can be difficult to live with. The Holistic Chiropractic Center can expertly diagnose and provide safe healing treatment for any type of sports injury to lower back pain, herniated discs, neck pain, or pinched nerve.

Renowned NYC Chiropractor, Dr. Louis Granirer employs safe healing techniques, with a proven history of success, including:

These solutions are safe and successful alternatives to risky back surgeries.  Our patients normally experience relief from pain, without medications, quickly and effortlessly.

Holistic Health Practitioner and Traditional NYC Chiropractic Services

The Holistic Chiropractic Center of New York City routinely helps their patients recover from muscle and skeletal pain, nutritional imbalances, and restore overall feelings of wellness with our holistic healing techniques. Manhattan Holistic Health Practitioner, Dr. Louis Granirer, specializes in a multitude of highly personalized treatments based on his proven history of success, and the latest healing techniques. You can find the comfort and relief you seek at the Holistic Chiropractic Center.

Holistic Nutritionist

Our busy and fast paced lifestyles can easily contribute to nutritional imbalance. Our bodies rely on our ability to eat the right types of foods in order for the systems in our body to work in harmony. Sometimes we think that we are eating well, but this isn't enough to feel well. Due to an ever increasing polluted environment, our bodies cannot rely only on eating well to stay healthy and balanced. A lack of nutritional knowledge and living in a time-starved environment can lead to poor nutritional choices and feelings of unhealthiness.

Symptoms of nutritional imbalance can include chronic fatigue, sudden weight gain, depression, stress, high blood pressure and heart conditions, headaches and migraines, and many more. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive holistic treatment that will reveal and correct your specific nutritional imbalances. Incorporating personalized Holistic Nutrition Programs featuring Standard Process nutritional supplements, into your lifestyle, will significantly help to improve your body's immune system and get you feeling "healthy" quickly and painlessly.
Traditional and Holistic Chiropractic Services

Personalized, expert treatment for relief of muscle and skeletal pain, nutritional imbalances, and holistic healing techniques by renowned NYC Holistic Chiropractor, Dr. Louis Granirer.
NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer
The experience had such a profound impact on me, I chose chiropractic healing as my profession.

If you are experiencing any form of lower back pain, severe fatigue, or a digestive disorder, I not only know how you feel, I know how to make you feel better! In fact, I have made it my life's mission to help and heal you back to good health, and I have thousands of patients with amazing success stories.

Free Chiropractic Consultation in New York City

Obviously, I can't diagnose or evaluate your personal health problems without seeing you. I invite you to call or schedule a Free Consultation so that I may help relieve your suffering and get you back on the path of feeling better.
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Holistic Chiropractic Center of New York City

NYC Chiropractor, Dr. Louis Granirer

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