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NYC Chiropractor - Dr. Louis Granirer - Holistic Chiropractic Center
"If you are seeking pain relief associated with problems of the spine, you have come to the right place. I have a long history of success in treating people with all types of back pain, and I know I can help you, too!"

-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Chiropractor in NYC Manhattan, New York City

If you are seeking a solution to feeling better and to find relief from pain in NYC, you have found the place.  What is a Chiropractor?  I am a licensed healthcare professional who has extensive training treating malfunctions of the spine, pelvis, and extremities including shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, and elbows.

Advancing my education and position in the Chiropractic community, I am also a Holistic Chiropractor and a Holistic Nutritionist.  The word "Holistic" means treating the body as a whole instead of treating one body part with symptoms.  Holistic Healing helps improve overall wellness on the cellular level, and helps prevents future illness.
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Types of NYC Chiropractic Treatments

Types of Chiropractic Treatments

The picture to the left is a model of a human spine.  A  disc is a soft "cushion" that is wedged between each vertebrae. It s purpose is to absorb shock and protect the spine.

The first disc shown is healthy and properly functioning.  All the other discs shown are provided to give you an example of the types of disc problems you may have. The causes of these problems can be anything from the trauma of a car accident or sports injury, to simple wear and tear as part of the aging process.

However you find yourself here today, I can assure you I have the knowledge and ability to help you to heal. As you learn more about me, you'll learn I hate to see any kind of suffering. 
When discussing what conditions chiropractic treats, it must be emphasized that I treat subluxations of the many joints of the body. Even though there are a wide variety of conditions other than the ones listed below, the following are typical of the kinds of conditions that respond favorably to my chiropractic care:
  •     Whiplash
  •     Knee, Foot, and Ankle Pain
  •     Tendonitis
  •     Headaches
  •     Bursitis
  •     Stress Related Conditions
  •     Muscle Strains and Sprains
  •     Arm and Hand Numbness or Tingling
  •     Severe Fatigue
  •     Arthritic Conditions
  •     Wellness and Preventative Care
  •     Neck Pain
  •     Midback Pain
  •     Postural Imbalances
  •     Low Back Pain
  •     Sciatica
  •     Scoliosis
  •     Sinusitis
  •     Disc Herniations
  •     Elbow, Wrist, Arm, and Shoulder Pain
  •     Pinched nerves
  •     Immune System Disorders
Chiropractic adjustments are an excellent option When conventional methods are not working or as an alternative to costly and invasive surgeries and medication. Chiropractic treatments are both safe and effective, while surgery can be risky. These holistic healing solutions are well worth considering.

Back Pain

Low back pain is a common problem. It can be sudden and sharp or a dull ache. Eighty percent of all adult Americans will experience this type of pain at some point in their lifetime. Low back pain is second only to headaches as the most common pain. The lower part of your back, or lumbar region, is very important and supports your entire upper body. Living with chronic low back pain or even acute low back pain can be more than just bothersome and there is hope. Lower back cramps and muscle spasms can also result from tightness in the lumbar region. Nerve-root pressure can cause tingling or numbness in your legs along with the pain in your back. Causes for low back pain include too much exercise, too little exercise or straining by incorrectly lifting heavy objects, stress, trauma as well as other factors. In most cases it is a combination of issues that have culminated in pain.


Sciatica is another common cause of pain. Sciatica is the inflammation of a nerve in your lower back called the sciatic nerve. This nerve begins in your lumbar region and then extends down your leg. When it becomes inflamed it often results in severe low back pain that can radiate all the way down to your feet. Sciatica is not a disease, but is instead a symptom that, like other low back pain, has a number of possible causes. Herniated discs often cause sciatica, for example. Spinal cord infections and spinal cord tumors are other possible causes, but they are much less common. If you, or someone you know is suffering with sciatica, please Contact Dr. Louis Granirer for a free consultation

Pinched Nerves

Having pinched or compressed nerves can be a source of both back pain as well as neck pain. The location of the pain depends on the location of the pinched nerve. Along with pain you will likely experience numbness, tingling and the familiar, unpleasant pins and needles feeling that you get when your foot falls asleep. Symptoms of pinched nerves can be minor to serious depending upon the extent of the pinching. Sciatica can be caused by a pinched nerve and most pinched nerves are the result of herniated discs, injuries, poor posture or obesity.

Neck Pain

Neck pain, like low back pain, can be take a huge toll on your quality of life. The good news is that most neck pain is very easy to treat by a chiropractor. Straining neck muscles, wearing at your joints and compressed nerves or injuries like car accidents. Whiplash is a common injury that causes neck pain as well as some sports injuries. Stress may also cause neck pain. The cause of the pain often affects the type of pain. Muscles cause stiff neck pain while compressed nerves can cause shooting pain that even extends down the arm. Other neck pain can be dull, but will worsen with movement. Please Contact Dr. Louis Granirer for a free consultation regarding chiropractic Adjustments.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of getting better over time, many athletes find that their injuries actually worsen. Both professional and amateur athletes alike benefit from chiropractic treatments for their strains and other pain. Professional athletes in particular often turn to chiropractors because the use of drugs can compromise their standing and recovery time from surgery can be long. Chiropractic treatments for sports injuries get athletes doing the activities they love sooner and safely. Even if you are not a professional athlete and you find yourself hurting after a tough fall or lifting with improper form, you should consider consulting a chiropractor. Blows to the torso, legs, head, or shoulders often result in unexpected spinal injuries when the spinal column becomes misaligned. A blow to any part of the body from impact with another player or a fall can radiate to the center of the body and spine. Shoulders and the neck are also commonly strained and injured. A holistic chiropractor understands and uses bio-mechanics to help sports injuries heal quickly and correctly. Diagnosis of sports injuries is performed in the same way as with other neck and back pain and recovery time is usually only a matter of weeks. To learn more, please Contact Dr. Louis Granirer for a free consultation

Shoulder Pain

No matter the source or cause of your shoulder pain, there are many chiropractic treatment options to help you recover quickly. You can avoid surgery along with pain relievers that only serve to treat the pain rather than actually fix the problem causing the pain. A holistic approach to treating any spinal pain will not only stop the pain, but will prevent it from recurring. The problem will be pinpointed and remedied. This can be accomplished by a holistic chiropractor using Applied Kinesiology. Realigning the spine usually solves most issues. Flexion Distraction and spinal adjustments are two of the many treatments that are then administered accordingly, sometimes along with Nutrition Response Testing to help to heal the body from within.
Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for a Free Consultation

Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for a Free Consultation

I hope you sense my passion and sincere care for helping you achieve a higher level of wellness, and create a healing program for your discomfort. This is why I offer a Free Consultation for new patients, in the hopes I can show you a personal plan of health that is easy to manage and gets you the results your body needs as quick as possible.

Contact Dr. Louis Granirer today.

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