Gallbladder Remedies NYC - Dr. Louis Granirer Holistic Chiropractor

Gallbladder Remedies NYC - Dr. Louis Granirer Holistic Chiropractor
"Between 750,000 to 1,000,000 gallbladder surgeries are performed each year to remove the gallbladder. In certain cases, gallbladder surgery is a necessity to save someone’s life. However, the vast majority of these surgeries are unnecessary and could have been avoided by dietary changes, exercise, and nutritional supplements that help to support the gallbladder. "
-Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

Gallbladder Remedy in Manhattan, New York City

The major role of the gallbladder is aiding with fat digestion. It stores and concentrates bile and bile acids.  Food that contains fat travels to the small intestine, and this signals Cholecystokinin, a hormone produced in the intestinal wall, to transport to the gallbladder. This hormone causes the gallbladder to contract, which causes bile to move into the common bile duct and to the intestines. Bile helps to digest and break down fat.

Common Symptoms of Gallbladder Dysfunction
  • Inflammation - Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder. Long-term, it can cause damage to the gallbladder resulting in an inability to function properly.
  • Gallstones - Gallstones are small, solid deposits that form in the gallbladder. Gallstones often develop and go undetected for long periods of time, and often years. People who have gallstones are not aware of them until they cause health problems, and most often pain, and/or infections.
Both of the above gallbladder conditions will share identical symptoms which include:
  • Pain is the most common symptom and usually occurs in the abdomen. It can start out as mild and be occasional, growing in severity and frequency. It is also possible this pain can be felt in other areas of the body including the chest, and the back.
  • Nausea and vomiting are regularly associated with gallbladder dysfunction.
  • Frequent fever and chills may be an indicator of an infection.
  • Severe Diarrhea for extended periods of time.
  • Jaundice which is yellow-tinted skin can be a signal of a bile duct blockage or liver problems.
  • Experiencing unusual stools or colored urine can be possible signs of a bile duct block.
  • Indigestion and belching after meals which is sometimes more intense with high fat meals.
  • Other symptoms include bloating, dizziness, burping, constipation, and headaches behind the eyes.
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Gallbladder Remedy in Manhattan, New York City

A Case Study for Gallbladder Dysfunction

Cynthia is a 42-year-old statistician who has had indigestion, headaches, belching after meals, knee pain, and brain fog for the past three years. Her CBC blood work was completely normal. She had been to a Gastroenterologist, who found nothing remarkable, other than small gallstones.

Cynthia came to see me after her co-worker insisted that I could help her. My muscle testing revealed that she had sensitivities to gluten, dairy, corn, and soy. She also had bacterial imbalances, fungus, and chemical toxicities, which showed up through vial testing. The organs that showed up requiring support were thyroid, gallbladder and small intestine.

She stopped eating the foods that she was sensitive to and began a Standard Process Detoxification protocol to eradicate the bacterial, fungal and chemical imbalances.
After three weeks of detoxification, she reported less belching, less indigestion, more energy, and relief from headaches. That said, in her first week of the protocol she did notice an increase in bloating and fatigue. However, after nine weeks on the protocol, the initial positive vials no longer were a problem for her. She was very excited about her progress and improvement. She had not had a single headache in four weeks, as compared to one every other day before she started the protocol. She reported a 90% decrease in belching and indigestion, and her brain fog was gone.

Cynthia had a gallbladder scan performed six months after starting the nutritional supplement protocol. She was told by her medical doctor that her gallstones had diminished by 75 percent. She also started an exercise program and started eating more vegetables, less sugar, and no processed foods. Even Cynthia’s knee pain improved. She is maintaining her health and is symptom-free by continuing to eat well, exercising, avoiding her food sensitivities, and continues to be muscle tested for nutritional supplements to keep her gallbladder healthy. 
Contact NYC Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for a Free Consultation on Natural Gallbladder Remedies

Contact NYC Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer for a Free Consultation on Natural Gallbladder Remedies

Before you consider self-medicating with ineffective over-the-counter medicines and potentially unnecessary surgery, Dr. Louis Granirer may be able to restore proper gallbladder function through nutrition response testing, diet modification, and whole food supplements.

Please contact Dr. Granirer for a free consultation and learn about natural remedies for gallbladder dysfunction.

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