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Applied Kinesiology in Manhattan NYC
What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK), which was developed in 1964 by George Goodheart, DC, and is a diagnostic tool and health care system used by medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many other alternative-care practitioners.  Goodheart was the first to identify the relationship between individual muscles and corresponding organs. Other offshoots of AK include:

  • Neuroemotional Technique (NET)
  • Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN)
  • Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
  • Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

To understand applied kinesiology and how it works, it is necessary to understand how the muscles work in the body. Applied kinesiology is very similar to but different from kinesiology itself, which only seeks to understand how the body moves and how the muscles function. In applied kinesiology, doctors perform tests on patients to see which muscles are "strong" and which muscles are "weak." These tests judge the responses of different muscles to stimulation, and base the results on how strongly the muscle reacts to the stimulation.
Applied Kinesiology is a proven chiropractic therapy and treatment based on the strength of your body's muscles.
Applied Kinesiology and the Triad of Health

Weak muscles are often understood to be the source of weakness in other parts of the body, which can cause a deterioration of health. All of these ideas are also based on the "Triad of Health," which includes the chemical, mental, and structural aspects of the body. If one of these aspects is off balance in the body, then other problems may arise as a result of this imbalance. Applied kinesiology bases its treatment and understanding of health problems on this triad of health.
Triad of Health
In order to understand how the triad of health plays into applied kinesiology, it is important to understand that doctors have assigned different muscles in the body to different organs.

For this reason, if a particular organ or organ system is having problems and creating discomfort, then the doctor knows which muscle or muscles to focus on in finding a solution for the problem. By describing the pain or health issue, the patient can help the doctor decide which muscle or muscles to examine with the most scrutiny.
Applied Kinesiology Treatments in NYC

Often, problems in the body are due to poor posture, malnutrition, or improper alignment that leads to an altered gait position. These problems are the most common issues found when practicing applied kinesiology, and doctors aim to fix these problems through muscle strengthening and correction of diet, posture, gait, or some combination of these.

I pay close attention to the factors that may affect the results of a manual muscle test. I look for things that may distract the person, such as unusual sights, smells, sounds, or a recent change in diet. Many practitioners will say that individuals who do not eat correctly may be causing muscle weakness, therefore altering the results of the muscle test.

Others suggest that toxins are in the body and must be removed before healing can begin. Therefore, it is clear that overall body health is an important aspect to applied kinesiology. All of the elements on the triad of health must be examined when considering an individual's health. Some common solutions to weak muscles include joint manipulation and mobilization, clinical nutrition, and dietary counseling. By making sure that the patient is eating properly, doctors can focus on other areas of the triad of health that may require improvement.

My patients have found that applied kinesiology practices have been very helpful in improving their health and the quality of their lives.  This holistic treatment can help individuals to set their paths straight towards healthy lives.

Applied kinesiology does not require the use of man-made medicines, and so many patients are attracted to its methods of healing. By making sure that all areas of the body remain in good health, and by making sure the triad of health is in balance, patients can heal suffering organs through muscle strengthening.

Applied kinesiology has had a great amount of success in the chiropractic field in particular, since it also allows the body to heal itself with a little help in dietary changes and muscle strength. By sticking to an applied kinesiology program, patients will be sure to increase their everyday wellness and their long-term health by staying strong and treating their bodies the way they should be treated.

Applied Kinesiologist in NYC

I hope you sense my passion and sincere care for helping you achieve a higher level of wellness, and a properly balanced nutritional profile. This is why I offer a Free Consultation for new patients, in the hopes I can show you a personal plan of health that is easy to manage and gets you the results your body needs as quick as possible. Please contact me today.
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