What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK), which was developed in 1964 by George Goodheart, DC, is a diagnostic tool and health care system used by medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many other alternative-care practitioners. Other offshoots of AK include:

  • Neuroemotional Technique (NET)
  • Applied Psychoneurobiology (APN)
  • Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
  • Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

Applied Kinesiology is a system of analysis and treatment, which incorporates autonomic muscle response, reflexes, meridian points, trigger points, neurological reflexes, neuromuscular reflexes, neurolymphatic reflexes, cranio-sacral work, muscle and organ relationships, origin and insertion technique, and many other detailed bodily connections. The analysis can determine imbalances in the musculoskeletal system and go deeper to determine imbalances in the body.

As a chiropractor, it gives the practitioner a clear and concise way to know where and what to treat, based on muscle and reflex responses to specific tests.  This allows for a patient to get out of pain and stabilize quickly.

In a typical analysis, the meridian system (used in acupuncture) is analyzed, and certain muscles are tested to determine abnormal reflex and muscle response. When an abnormal muscle response is found, a whole system of correction is employed to strengthen and correct the findings. In regards to the patient experience these corrections may involve soft tissue work, a gentle adjustment, acupressure, point stimulation, and other specific body work technique.
Applied Kinesiology and the Triad of Health

The "Triad of Health" includes the chemical, mental, and structural aspects of the body. If one of these aspects is off balance in the body, then other problems may arise as a result of this imbalance. Applied Kinesiology bases its treatment and understanding of health problems on this triad of health.
Triad of Health that Applied Kinesiology bases its treatment on.
The chemical part of the triad can be a nutritional deficiency or toxicity, like too many heavy metals or chemicals in the body.

The mental part of the triad can be an emotional stressor that is causing an imbalance in the body.

The structural part of the triad may include a vertebrae that is out of alignment, putting pressure on a nerve and causing pain.
Applied Kinesiology Treatments in NYC

The practitioner who uses applied kinesiology has a keen understanding that there are many factors contributing to a person's overall health, and multiple factors may require addressing to bring a person into homeostasis and wellness.

Applied Kinesiology focuses on the individual and the understanding that we all have many different things going on with our bodies. One size does not fit all.  The Applied Kinesiology practitioner is a detective using their vast array of tools to determine what are the root causes of a person's health issues.

My patients have found that applied kinesiology practices have been very helpful in improving their health and the quality of their lives.  This holistic treatment can help individuals to set their paths straight towards a healthy life. I have found that using applied kinesiology has been the best course of analysis and treatment that I have come across in my many years of practice.
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Applied Kinesiology in New York City

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Patient Testimonials

"I had been suffering with severe acid reflux nightly for eight months. Proton pumps did not help me, and I even had adverse reactions. I thought I could barely go on, having to sleep on a 30 degree angle with pillows against the headboard or sleeping on a recliner.

After 6 months of having acid reflux I was diagnosed with h pylori and was treated antibiotics for two torturous weeks. Suddenly, I read on the Internet about a singer cured of her three year acid reflux problem after being treated by Applied Kinesiology. Since I could not find one in my area, I looked up and read about Dr. Granirer and his work in applied kinesiology.

I decided to take control of this disastrous health situation. I went down from Montreal to New York, and Dr. Granirer treated me for candida and acid reflux and whatever else I needed after the muscle testing. After taking his supplements, a few days later,

I gradually stopped refluxing at night and my candida was gone after a three-week  treatment. My life is back and I owe it all the Dr. Granirer and his advanced knowledge of muscle testing. I pray that people suffering from acid reflux can read this and get some help, so they can have a normal healthy life like I do now.

Thank you Dr. Granirer, for your knowledge and abilities to treat and diagnose my digestive problems, so I can go on too live the good life."

-Rhonda S., Montreal
(212) 243-6663
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Contact NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer

Applied Kinesiology in NYC

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"Applied Kinesiology gives me a roadmap for the body. It eliminates any guessing on how to treat my patients."
-Dr. Louis Granirer, NYC Holistic Chiropractor
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